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- SPAIN: each season is included in our program at least one tour or path for our country. Seek meaning in each, whether historical, architectural or other significance. See paragraph Tours / Next

- EUROPE: Our years of experience in motorcycle traveling this continent has made known the most remote and beautiful places I can find. That helps us to design a route that stand out for its beauty and enjoyment as a driver for his path. In many cases, though a known destination, passing through little visited places. This is an important aspect in our routes. See paragraph Tours / Next

- MALLORCA: We are based in Mallorca and our main task is to show our island to the outsider to really know that from another point of view. Mallorca will surprise as biker because not far from the renowned resorts located mostly on the coast, has much to offer. Routes that run every landscape. From plains to the edge of a swamp, past beaches and idyllic coves and wild even to go to the big mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, which runs across the island on its west coast from north to south and landscapes that hide high mountain. There you will find hidden roads with lots of curves that will delight any biker. The main idea of ​​IMM Rent and Tours is that our clients and friends to enjoy the bike and have a lasting memory of our beautiful island when they return to their homes. IMM Rent and Tours offers a new perspective. Come with your bike and you organize some routes, but if you really want to save time and money, come by plane and rent one of our bikes. You can spend several days with us or simply coming weekend on a Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday for instance. Accompanied routes organized by IMM Rent and Tours are designed to go perfectly combining of the day along different landscapes concentrated in relatively few miles the island of Mallorca. The Roadleaderes bikers who run them are experienced people in both the motorcycle world as we travel the region. Check them in the section: Tours / Local Routes.


Our bikes are absolutely new. Currently we have available for our customers both versions of the revolutionary new model Triumph Tiger 800. On the one hand, the asphalt version with alloy front rim 19 "and more off-road XC wheels radios and 21 "front. Both demonstrate exemplary behavior: agile, easy to drive, very reliable three-cylinder engine, etc.. Simply leed qualities in any journal. Both models are ideal for which we propose the journeys in and out of our island. Our bikes are fully equipped: the two versions come equipped with ABS always detachable at will, with panniers to ride if you want or not (is included in the rental price). Come and probadlas in an environment and unforgettable road


Maintenance-reviews of the bikes is comprehensive and is done through the official Triumph service in Mallorca (Mundimoto), with which it maintains a close working relationship constant. At the same time, we have our own workshops, to-day routine maintenance. In any case, it will be all strictly monitored according to your specifications and stipulated by Triumph. Do not leave any detail to chance. Triumph mechanics and mechanics of IMM Rent and Tours are people really experienced in this field. With years of experience and brand tracking.


-MOROCCO EXPRESS, desert essence

-. CORSICA ISLAND, beautiful coastline and high mountains

-. TRIUMPH-TRIDAYS-TOUR ALPS, the world in purest Triumph style. Check and consult our payment facilities and advance sale of this tour!!!

- MALLORCA, an amazing island.

- CROATIA, the biker paradise.

- IRELAND, the green island.

- THE ALPS 2015, the essential peaks.

- NORTH CAPE 2015, mythical destination.

- SCOTLAND AND THE HIGHLANDS, a paradise for motorcycle tours.

- NORMANDY, the beauty of the Atlantic.

- SARDINIA ISLAND, simply amazing!

IMM Rent and Tours in direct collaboration with Triumph Spain will go to the great Triumph-Tridays event in the Alps this summer. Join us !!!

Join and pay any travel with IMM Rent and Tours before February 28, 2015 and get between 5% and 10% discount on the total price depending on the tour.

For specific information to the offer, contact us by mail to info @ immrentandtours. com and / or our website.

Remember that you also have bikes for rent for traveling.

you already have our bikes for rent in Mallorca Island and now near Madrid. A small getaway, a trip or just a biker day is getting easier. Contact Us!

details of all trips in the / TOURS tab on this web section.


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